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Lizardo García E9-104 y Andrés Xaura. Quito, Ec+593 2 2505212/

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Introducing The Jocotoco Foundation!

The Jocotoco Conservation Foundation was established in 1998 to protect the habitat of globally threatened species of birds in the Andes of Ecuador, together with all associated biodiversity. It also carries out habitat restoration for this purpose, by replanting deforested areas with native trees and shrubs.

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Partner Organisations
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Dirección: Fundación Jocotoco ,
Lizardo García E9-104 y Andrés Xaura,
Quito, Ecuador
  • Supporting the wildlife
    The Foundation’s reserves are known to support populations of over 800 species of birds, of which over 50 are globally threatened or near-threatened and more than 100 are restricted-range or endemic species.
  • Ayampe reserve
    Reserva Río Ayampe, Jocotoco's newest reserve was established to protect the critically endangered Esmeraldas Woodstar (Chaetocercus berlepschi) which is found only in a small area on the west coast of Ecuador, mainly along the Pacific shoreline.
  • The Jocotoco
    Tapichalaca, the Foundation’s first reserve, was established in September 1998 to protect the type locality of the Jocotoco Antpitta - the name ‘Jocotoco’ is an onomatopoeic representation of the call of this elusive bird by the few local farmers who actually knew it.
  • The caring of parakeets
    The higher altitude section, above ca. 800 m, is the habitat of the reserve’s signature bird, the El Oro Parakeet. The reserve hosts about two thirds of the presently known world populations of this parakeet, and their numbers – currently at 150-200 birds - have been steadily increasing as a result of a successful nestbox campaign designed to supplement the scarcity of suitable nest-trees.